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  • Are there points of sale where I can buy VOODOO?
    Our entire collection is available online. Contact our customer service at to get an overview of the points of sale near you.
  • Is VOODOO unisex?
    Absolutely! VOODOO was designed for men and women. We don't believe in rules or gender. We just want you to wear what makes you feel good.
  • What sizes does VOODOO use?
    At VOODOO we use standard European sizes. Our collections include sizes small, medium, large and extra large. We provide return options if the size does not fit. You can find more about our return options on our website.
  • Are VOODOO products manufactured in a sustainable way?
    Hell yes! All VOODOO products are made on the basis of organic cotton and VOODOO actively searches for producers who produce as sustainably as possible. The printing of our shirts is done locally in Belgium.
  • How do I maintain my VOODOO shirt?
    The first time you wash a VOODOO shirt, there is a chance that it will release color. To prevent the cotton from transferring to other clothes, it is advisable to wash the cotton fabrics separately for the first few washes. Make sure that the temperature of your washing machine does not exceed 40 degrees, because when cotton is washed for the first time it can shrink. Below 40 degrees you are in the so-called “safe zone”. For white cotton clothing it is advisable to wash above 40 degrees, because this way you get the best out of the clothing. Do not use detergent with bleach in advance, as this is not good for cotton. Make sure not to set the dryer setting too high when drying for the same reason. However, do you let the laundry dry by hanging the laundry? Then choose a place where the sun does not shine, because cotton can discolour from the sun.
  • Does wearing a VOODOO shirt make me more attractive?
    Although there is no scientific evidence, there are many cases that show that wearing VOODOO makes you more attractive.
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